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GMT Marine Transport is your full service yacht, boat and ship transport company to deliver your cargo from any point in the world to your selected destination. Founded in April of 2008. The company originally serviced Brazil and the United States, and has since grown to provide a network of logistics for obtaining the lowest cost routes from point to point in the world.  Our engineers work to create a logistical road map to assure your cargo will arrive safely, and at the least cost to its designated destination. We have dedicated professionals who devote themselves to coordinating with ports, shipowners, and shipping agents to develop the most cost effective means of shipping between two points. We understand that a ship needs to be at full capacity for the owner to realize the full extent of his or her profit margin. We search the world for owners who are in need of filling space on their vessels. The owners network spans the globe. They are not on regular schedules. We constantly monitor their movement and contact them in accordance with your shipping request. Our customers benefit by providing their yachts to fill that void. We take care in selecting vessels that are qualified to handle your precious cargo. Our goal is to save you money without sacrificing efficiency, safety and security of your yacht. If you are interested in saving money on your shipping investment, visit our request for quotation page before you leave our site. You will be glad you did.


We can have our qualified captains navigate your yacht, or you can arrange to bring your yacht up next to our ships, and our divers and trained professionals will do the rest.

 With your satisfaction in mind, we provide you with clear and concise information to assure that your shipping experience is well understood and that you know the entire process. Communication is a key aspect, and consistent contact in writing by emails is the best way to maintain documented statements to verify your shipping experience with our support staff. It is important that you are given correct information to clarify all encounters during the shipping process. This is a complex task in many cases, which we attempt to simplify by assisting you every step of the way.


When we lift your boat, we do it with pecision and attention to detail. Our engineers review techical drawings to determine precise locations to strap each vessel for balanced and calculated lifting according to specifications. Our well trained global partners are there to handle your yacht from any point of the globe to the other. The global connection of these major cargo carriers with more than 100 years of combined experience in loading, shipping, securing, and unloading will insure a safe  international shipping and handling experience for your yacht.


Administrative team working together to get the job done.

Our team work effortlessly from the moment they receive your request to ship your yacht. First, we gather the necessary information from you to provide you with an accurate cost of shipping your yacht. Secondly, we must assure the dimensions of your yacht are correct by receiving technical drawings with attention to the hull of the vessel to provide a safe support system for shipping. Third, we must make sure that the lifting points have been calculated. While our technical team is working on this aspect, our operations team is busy contacting the ship operators and providing them with the yacht specifications, working with allocating space, and negotiating pricing beneficial to GMT and our client. And lastly, but not least, our administrative team works on the insurance for full coverage, import/export paperwork with Customs and the shipowner for a smooth transition of the movement of your yacht.

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